Projector Rentals

When it comes to watching hot new movies, big sporting events, or just about anything else that you can share with your friends and family, nothing beats having your own projector. It allows you to take your favorite shows or pay-per-views to the big screen, for bigger enjoyment in your own home. However, very few people can say that they own their own one and it simply isn’t worth buying for sporadic use. Modern projectors are expensive, especially if you want something of higher quality. That is why, at Bayou AV, we think the best way to enjoy a projector is by hiring one. You can enjoy the moments you really want to, without it needing to cost you any more than it needs to. So, plan your next viewing party and give our team a call about our fantastic options with projectors. 

New Orleans Projector Hire 

Our team is happy to rent out our top-quality selection of projectors to any individual, household, or company in the city of New Orleans. We want to bring the highest class of entertainment media to our clients and through our fantastic range of products, we have been consistently able to do that. With projectors provided to us from leading brand names and manufacturers, we can promise you the best quality every time. All you have to do is let us know your preferences, and you can trust us to find the perfect thing for you. 

Residential Rentals 

Over the years, we have provided rental projectors to countless different residential clients living in town. We understand that there are countless different excuses you could find to upgrade your upcoming entertainment event, whether it is for a family party or just to watch football with your friends. But whatever it is that has you excited to see it, make sure that you make the best decision you can by choosing one of our projectors. We have something suitable for any kind of space and for any budget. So, you can always count on us to bring you the ideal thing. 

Commercial Rentals 

In addition to our regular, residential rental options, our team is also able to offer the same fantastic array of projectors to local businesses. We understand that putting on something like a pay-per-view sporting event or live music stream could be a great opportunity for an event on your premises. In bars, restaurants, music venues, and more, it can be a huge potential source of revenue and could be the perfect way to boost your business. So, allow us to bring you one of our great products and see for yourself just how useful it might be for you. 

Great Prices 

There simply is no more affordable way to enjoy the capabilities of a projector than by hiring one through us. Of course, renting is much cheaper than purchasing in every case. However, when you decide to come to us, you maximize those savings much more than you would with any of our competitors. So, choose the best-priced projector rental in town and make your next viewing much more special. 

computer projector mounted in the ceiling
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